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The staff of the Ross County Emergency Management Agency is dedicated to the health, safety, and education of the community and its citizens.

The Ross County Commissioners recently appointed a new director and deputy director to the county’s Emergency Management Agency. Mark Thompson was appointed Director in September 2023 and Joshua Garrett was appointed Deputy Director in October 2023.

Director Thompson is originally from Lancaster, Ohio, but has resided in Ross County for over 23 years. He has been involved in public service for over 34 years. He is a 31-year veteran of the Ohio State Highway Patrol. He served as a Post Commander at the Jackson Post and Portsmouth Post the last 16 years of his career. He was hired by the Chillicothe Municipal Court upon his retirement in 2020 and served as a security officer, civil bailiff, and probation officer.

Director Thompson has extensive training and experience in emergency management and incident command. He has an Associates of Applied Science degree from Hocking College and is a graduate of the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety’s School of Police Staff & Command.
Director Thompson resides in Londonderry with his wife Melissa and their three adult sons.


Deputy Director Garrett is a dedicated professional with roots in Chillicothe, Ohio. His educational journey began at Chillicothe High School and set the stage for his future commitment to public service.

Armed with a solid foundation, he pursued his passion for community well-being and earned a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration from Ohio University. The degree instilled in him a deep understanding of healthcare systems and fueled his desire to meaningfully contribute to

Eager to broaden his impact, he continued his education at Ohio University and obtained a Master’s degree in Public Administration. This advanced training equipped him with the skills necessary to navigate the complex intersections of public policy, governance, and organizational management.

In his role as Deputy Director of Ross County Emergency Management Agency, he will draw upon his diverse experiences in various government sectors. He is honored to apply his knowledge and skills to the dynamic field of emergency management, where every decision plays a crucial role in ensuring the
safety and resilience of our community.

He is thrilled to be part of the Ross County EMA team, contributing to the agency’s mission of safeguarding our community and ensuring a swift and effective response to emergencies. Together, we can navigate the challenges and uncertainties that may arise, fostering a safer and more resilient Ross County.



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